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Our Products

Here are a few of our products you can find in our shop day to day.

– Sandwiches fresh each day

– Premium breads baked in directly fired ovens

– Traditional egg custards

– Fresh creams and cakes

– Award winning pies

About us

We are a small family Bakery established in 1970, Our aim is to produce a top quality product using only local suppliers and Local dedicated Staff. Our Motto is “what ever you do, do the right thing”


What makes a good sandwich ? “Good Bread makes a good sandwich” All our Bread is produced using only Premium grade flour, Fresh to you each day! Our Customers say “After eating our Bread you’ll feel full”, try it,

BUNS & Rolls

Buns and Rolls. Good Bread makes good sandwich, good flour makes good bread!

“Fresh to you each day”

Small & LArge Cakes

An old baker said to me once, what makes a good recipe, “A pound all-round and a Pint of Egg” We only use Premium Local ingredients, correct recipe balance and full portions.


The North of England, Pie Country, All our Local recipes for the Locals, Local Butcher, Green grocer, using only real sliced Potato, Seasoning perfected by Locals to suit Local taste.

Fresh Cream

Local South Lakes, whipping cream, across the full range. What’s your favourite ?

morning goods

Our fresh selection of premium Scones & Pastries, for that extra energy to kick start your day.

Keeping Cakes

When you want something extra in, try our Cherry, Ginger, Apple and Cinnamon, Farmhouse or maybe a traditional Apple or Currant square!


When I talk to top chefs in London the conversation came up, “What  makes a good Sandwich” they all said unanimously “ Good Bread makes a Good Sandwich” made with a popular selection of fillings & mature Cheddar.

Our Awards

Visit Us

66 Market Street, Ulverston
Tel: 01229 585593

72 Cavendish Street, Barrow in Furness
Tel: 01229 824100

Head Office
Old Chapel, Broughton Road, Dalton-in-Furness, Cumbria, LA15 8RN.
Tel: 01229 462370